Sunday, August 17, 2014

winding down the week

chinese box taught by steve
the exemplar that steve pittelkow
made in his box class
that ran while i was teaching contact printing
at the morgan conservatory. 
it came home with me,
a gift.
lucky me!
as did kozo that
took on some coloring
natural, but not intentional.
i'm building a big book
after asking cecile for advice--
good, expert advice.
and i warped up the good wood loom
for a book cover in weft faced shifu
and would like to find another of these looms.
i've been looking-they closed shop.
if you know of one for sale, please contact me.
lokta on lokta
it's been fall-like this past week, 
rain and cool moved in and has taken some of the starch 
out of summer.
the new place
that is finally looking like a home.
no porches yet.
i photographed this
right before i completed the black walnut rectangle
that sits
near one edge.
one of the coolest projects i've 
given another
(with permission) 
was to make me a measuring device 
this tape
woven by the amazing susan johnson
traditional in many ways
measures some things:
 grace notes of birds,
a promise,
a thought,
or such-like.
some twills
linen and cotton and hemp
a useful thing for imagery
for framing thoughts
for fiber artists.
wednesday i leave for a two day workshop 
with some very good book artists.
and, this morning's news:
i caught a nice, big
in the have-a-heart-trap.
surprised us both!
in my haste to let her go i forgot a photo.
 she's back in the garden now.
tending her patch.
locally two amish girls were abducted and subsequently 
this news has me heartbroken.
our culture is very sick
it seems that art makes the briefest of inroads
into the souls of people.
but i will keep making and teaching and doing what little i see
is right and good.
and if that is making a book to love
out of paper that was once a wild-grown flower
that's what i will do.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

about longing and making

i love this photo of jennifer concentrating deeply 
as she begins to spin lokta thread, kami-ito.
her hands know so much
and weren't happy with the drop spindle
but she felt comfortable with the bobbin winder.
that's how it is 
i think,
as you make techniques and practices foreign to you
as you make them your own.
you juggle them and try to find the connection
and you know deeply when something 
resonates or fascinates or reminds 
creates longing and love in your heart.
over at terri windling's blog today
she wrote about mr finch's work and cs lewis.
and about longing.
while my work is not so much words, but images
and books, and textile,
i share that feeling. 
i want people to look and see and feel somehow
a longing.
it's that sort of day here today, 
rainy and contemplative,
my laundry got half dry before i took it down,
as the first drops began,
and hung it inside as i do in winter.
monica langwe shared this image today.
and i realize these books,
all of which i want to hold and read
longing, again, 
would likely be in a language unfathomable to me
and likely be
about something uninteresting as well.
there would be no lucy or peter or edmond or susan.
or narnia.
but there could be teaching in these bindings, 
the books themselves now taking on personality.
as below, the lamppost and the ladder are doing.
i have put my trust
in the natural world,
in the decay of summer leaves
and they are just beginning to turn
a touch of gold in the sugar maples
always the old, hurt trees show first.
and here,
in the studio
that today is my dining room
i am thinking of how to build a big 
how can one make sense of the longing
that fiber holds for some of us?
how image works in-- 
or of making paper, 
here of poplar seed fiber 
or of weaving paper into shifu
as yuko is doing here 
poplar seed pulp.
a gift, an experiment, a paper, a fiber.
a ramble today, my thoughts are moseying along.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

book in hand

felicity sent me this image
and it's something i really love
so here it is for you, too.
 these two photos are me 
answering questions at revive and renew,
the talk just before the opening reception
tom and diane listen,
diane was one of our students who travelled with 
three (!) border collies
that i got way too little time with.
 behind tom is one half of my large piece
of printed awagami gregory kozo
and behind me is a piece by tatiana ginsberg, 
behind diane, one by pam mckee. 
the show was designed and hung
beautifully by the morgan's mason milani.
i'm still recovering from the trip, 
the bat,
(who tested negative for rabies)
and house and studio maintenance.
i did completely clean out a raised bed
at the new place
pulled out a LOT of weeds and roots and put in old manure
so a fall crop can be planted: 
spinach, four lettuces, kale and two rapes:
fall pleasure.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


 it's august.
mother earth is pulling out the stops
it's roaring here, after being in cleveland
for 11 days.
the morgan was hopping, with my class and steve's two weekends ago,
then mine with aimee
and the opening of REVIVE AND RENEW
which is beautiful.
and you should see it if you can.
tom checking in with aimee
 elizabeth's dye samples
 tub on ramp, i kid you not
morgan color
 a place to momigami
(did i coin a verb?)
we used water and ink to alter original colors
and discovered riches. 
lake erie sends fresh water
to ontario, my home lake
and on to the st. lawrence
 20 miles from where i live now. 
 cleveland between lake and sky
 dinner partners
lotta, chris, jennifer, aimee
 cleveland over the top
we did not dine with him.
 yuko's shifu
 i bought this japanese book in oz
and opened it for our students
 lovely details
 paper staples
 yuko and ivey
 the sun was a red rubber ball
remember that song?
 as i drove
 out of cleveland
 tom labelled me
gifted me with three morgan kozo starts
bill's indigo above smells
quite strong.
 here all is changed
after 11 days!
 the girls and their calves
were curious to see me walk after so long
 maybe they forgot me?
the red baby didn't
and he has a name
 fire man
this mornig i woke early
up collecting my stuff to head downstairs at 4:45
light on
and a bat appeared. 
i found it was not so bad
in my room, 
just waking up to them flying over my face 
is problematic.